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Urological conditions //

I provide private care for all kinds of urological and men's health problems. My practice includes the investigation of common problems such as blood in the urine (haematuria), difficulty in urination, raised PSA levels and urinary tract infections. I investigate, diagnose and treat patients with prostate and bladder cancer. I use a range of biopsy approaches including transperineal and MRI guided, to diagnose prostate cancer. I also perform benign prostate surgery and inguino-scrotal surgery. I treat erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency (the andropause).

Services and treatments //

​​Blood in urine (haematuria)

When blood is visible in the urine, urological investigations are always necessary to determine its cause in case further complications develop, and to identify or exclude underlying disease.

Lower urinary tract symptoms

UTIs can affect different parts of your urinary tract, including your bladder (cystitis), urethra (urethritis) or kidneys (kidney infection). Most UTIs can be easily treated with antibiotics.

Recurrent urinary tract infection

If you keep getting UTIs you will need regular treatment and may need a repeat antibiotics prescription.

Raised PSA

PSA tests are carried out as part of the investigation of urinary symptoms in men, and for prostate cancer testing

Prostate biopsy

A prostate gland biopsy is a test to remove small samples of prostate tissue to be looked at under a microscope. I perform different types of biopsy including transperineal prostate biopsy and targeted prostate.

Erectile dysfunction

Decreased strength of erections is a common problem which has profound effects on a mans self esteem. The focus of medical treatment is to recover erectile function allowing a return to a satisfactory sex life and the increased self esteem that go with it.


In some men, when they reach a certain age, their testosterone levels drop off. They experience a lack of energy and libido as a result of andropause, the male equivalent of the menopause. This can be treated medically.

Prostate Cancer

I offer a range of prostate cancer treatments including active surveillance and robotic radical prostatectomy including NeuroSAFE

Book an appointment //

For further advice on urological problems including cancer, please call us on 07841034453 to book an appointment, with Mr. Greg Shaw at his private clinic in London. Alternatively, contact us online.

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